About John Belthoff's Texas Holdem Website

This is a web project I started one day to see if I could re-create software to control a game of Texas Holdem Poker on the web.

The project is written using Microsoft Asp.Net in c# and totally relies on a port from c++ to c# of the Cactus Kev's Poker Hand Evaluator. I have included a copy of Cactus Kev's article on this site for convinience so you can follow along.

I have about 20-30 hours of real work into the program and at this point the game plays with 9 players, changes dealer, calculates the winning hand and displays the results. That's about all I have done so far.

Certainly there is much more to programming a fully functional Texas Holdem Poker Web Program however I feel I have tackled the basic, or main meat, of the challenge. The rest is rather simple and straight forward. I will be tackling that in the near future from time to time updating the programming and making note here.

Otherwise, Enjoy!