To Hear the Tent's Zipper.

By John Belthoff / In Blog / Posted Oct 20, 2007

There is really nothing like the sound of a tent's zipper. It's the sound that precedes extreme cold, unpleasant heat, insects, snakes, dirt, urination, realization and life on earth.

I'm not sure why when I hear that sounds it conjures up so many different thoughts or feelings for me other than it reminds me of some of the most beautiful times I have ever had.

This morning, I woke up and heard that sound and it moved me in a way that I never though it could. I wasn't in a tent but I heard that sound and I long to her it again and again.

With so many things to write and think about it's funny that stupid little sounds like that can have such an astounding effect on your life.

So to all my friends and loved ones, may you hear that sound and never forget to recognize what it means.