Real Friends...

By John Belthoff / In Blog / Posted Aug 11, 2007

Real friends are a pain in the ass, a joy to be found and something one should never take for granted. Or so they say...

I have this friend for a long time. We sometimes get together and talk for days and weeks at a time and then sometimes do not speak for years. However I know she is my friend because she always gives it to me straight - whether I like it or not. And boy does she know how to wack me in all the right places.

I often wonder about why she does this and then I eventually come to the conclusion that I don’t really care why, I am just glad that she does. It’s literally like having a hammer always hanging somewhere over your head and when you do good it stays out of sight and when you mess up it starts pounding you without mercy. Hahaha!

I hope everyone has a person like this in their life.

So Miss, easier said then done and I have left off your name to protect the innocent, you are my true love… Let’s get married!!! You freak! Hahahaha!

Besides, anyone who replies to my blog thinking that I can’t trace her IP address straight back to the company that she works for is most certainly the woman for me! :-)

And now for something completely different, I think.

Silly right?